Meet Erica

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I believe in presence over presents. Giving time is better than giving gifts.

The only shoes that work for me are ones I can throw in the washing machine.

My husband is a home brewer and IPAs are my love language. We grow our own hops.

Just after I met my husband we went on a tour around the country to see Phish.

I will fly to Mexico to see a no name band, just because.

Unconditional love and loyalty are traits any human could learn from my dog.

I hoard fabric and crafting supplies from when I used to make my own clothing.

I should own stock in Etsy. Handmade clothing, soap, & jewelry always tells a better story.

I believe in dancing like no one is watching.

I hardly ever drink soda, but sometimes I sneak a Dr. Pepper, as it reminds me of road trips with my family when I was little.

Camping has always been my church. The outdoors are my sanctuary.

Comfort over style any day of the week. If I could live in a tee shirt, yoga pants, and Chacos I would.

I believe in pushing boundaries. Comfort zones are not for me.

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