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What to Wear to Your Engagement Session

Are you struggling with deciding what to wear to your engagement session? Do you want to keep your personality intact, but know your usual attire of shorts and a tank top (or whatever comfortable thing you like to wear), are probably not the best choice for professional photographs? Then this is the blog post for you!

I often get asked, “what should I wear?” I completely understand this struggle. I am terrible when it comes to trying to find the perfect outfit for a specific occasion. I loathe trying on clothes and usually wait until the last minute to scour my closet hoping to find something and then praying it still fits!  The last thing I want you to do is stress out like that before your engagement session. So, I thought I’d write up some tips to get you thinking about your clothing options and avoid that catastrophe!

1) Make sure whatever you choose still reflects who you are. If you are a jeans and t-shirt kind of couple, then don’t pick out a suit and tie. It won’t be comfortable, but more importantly, it won’t be you!

2) Choose a color palette that you love, but isn’t too bold (I don’t recommend neon colors as they leave awful color casts on your skin). Keep in mind the time of the year your engagement session will take place, and choose colors that work well for that season.

3) Try to avoid overly busy patterns, especially when it comes to combining patterns with you and your partners clothing choices. However, you can utilize a bit of pattern to work with. Plaid is a great example! One partner could wear plaid, and you can use that as your color palette for your other partner’s outfit.

4) Accessorize to add personal touches, splashes of more vibrant colors, and to polish your look. I love a simple solid colored dress or top, with scarves or jewelry to add some more color. Plus, you can change accessories mid session for a completely different look!

5) Choose a themed engagement session and come up with some great images that are uniquely you! I absolutely love working with couples to develop a theme, so if this is something you are interested in, but need a little guidance, send me a message and let’s discuss. One of my favorite engagement sessions to date was this Steampunk themed session!

Here are a few of my favorite outfit choices that some of my past clients have worn for their couples/engagement sessions.

what to wear to your engagement session

Love the plaid shirt and browns/grays with the fall leaves background on the left. For the couple on the right, the browns with purples and greens in the warm summer light is beautiful. Notice the patterns and solids mixed, but not busy.

What to wear to your engagement photography session

Adding accessories such as the scarf and blanket, creates three different looks for this couple’s engagement session.

What to wear to your engagement photography session

A themed engagement session is a great way to bring our your unique personality in your photos!

If you are engaged and looking for an engagement session or a wedding photographer, I’d love to talk with you! Drop me a message and let’s chat.

I am a Bend, Oregon based portrait, lifestyle and wedding photographer.

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